Acme (1903-1910)


США / 1903-1910 / The Acme Motor Car Co. Reading, PA

1910. Acme Motor Car Co.

История марки Acme

The Acme was formerly the Reber first produced in 1902. By 1911 the Acme was known as the S. G. V.Automobile. This company had no connection to theAcme build in Minneapolis, MN (1908-1909).The Acme was an American Automobile produced by the The Acme Motor Car Co. of Reading, PA from 1903 to 1910. The Acme was produced in at least nine different models during it’s existence from 1903 to 1910. The first was a Touring Car like the American Automobile featured below. 1904 advertising claims «Strong On Hills Speedy On The Level». Early models had 2 cylinder engines rated at 16 horsepower. By 1905 a Runabout was added to the line up. It was a Type X equipped with a two cylinder engine rated at 16 horsepower and a three speed transmission. This runabout sold for $1,000.00. A Type VIII Touring Car was equipped with a four cylinder engine rated at 30 horsepower and a four speed transmission. This Touring Car sold for $2750.00. 1906 Acme cars were built as a Type XV Touring Car priced at $3500.00 and XIV priced at $2750.00. Features include a four cylinder engine, four speed transmission, 114 inch wheelbase, 7 passenger and double side entrance tonneau.In 1909 the Acme was built in three different types. The Acme «Sextuplet» Type XX 5-7 passenger Touring Car equipped with a six cylinder engine and priced at $4500.00. The Fairmount «Sextuplet» Type XXL Roadster or Tourabout equipped with a six cylinder engine and priced at $4500.00. The low priced ($3750.00) Standard «Quad» Type XXVII Runabout equipped with a four cylinder engine. The 1910 Acme Special Sextuplet shown below was equipped with a six cylinder 50 horsepower engine and was priced at $4,750. The Acme — «Justifies Its Name».